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Reddit's r/VoiceActing Subreddit is an Incredible Resource for Today's Voice-Over Artist

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Reddit's r/VoiceActing Subreddit
is an Incredible Resource for
Today's Voice-Over Artist
July 25, 2017

All voice-over talents -- amateur and professional -- can benefit greatly from voice-over education and training. However, most don't know where to start.

There's only a handful of qualified voice trainers and coaches out there. There's barely any formal classes for learning voice-over techniques and skills.

Thankfully, r/VoiceActing helps bring the voice-over community together to share knowledge of the industry.

Content Sharing

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When it comes to content, the name of the game is quality, not quantity.

In r/VoiceActing, fellow VO talents frequently post common DO's and DON'T's associated with the voice-over industry. Sometimes, different types of accents are dissected. Other times, recording equipment is reviewed and discussed.

If you're an upcoming voice-over artist on a budget, you may find this post to be quite helpful: What's a good, inexpensive microphone?

Feedback and Critiquing

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r/VoiceActing is made up of around 12,000 subscribers -- most of whom are current voice-over professionals. Just read the subreddit's description to get an idea of the subscriber base: "Voice actors, wannabe voice actors, and voice actor enthusiasts of the world unite."

Chances are, if you need help, someone has already been there and done it. Look in the comments section of any post. You are likely to find a fellow redditor with several years of experience weighing in on the subject.

Some voice actors will submit their demos for critiquing. This works very well. Active professionals weigh in and give their honest opinions on ways to improve. Reading the feedback can be super helpful, too, even if you're not the one being critiqued.

Connecting with Clients

Talent scouts will frequently post jobs for voice-over positions that need to be filled. Their projects can range from videos to audiobooks to TV spots. Some pay; some do not. But, regardless, it's a good way to get your feet wet, make connections, and gain experience.

If you're an active VO artist and redditor, do yourself a favor and subsribe to the r/VoiceActing subreddit. You may learn a thing or two.

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